Our Solutions

We have the best tools to help your business grow. You can choose between 250 alternative payments, a customizable checkout page and the best fraud prevention service to make your customers experience unique.

Omnichannel Solutions

Our solutions are designed and developed to integrate physical and online channels using flexible tools and APIs.More details

A single partner for your Omnichannel strategy

We are the ideal partner for anyone seeking an integrated solution to manage all payments, in any form and in all sales channels.

We manage all online and in-store payments, offering you reliable, simple and secure methods

Omnichannel strategies require payment solutions that integrate into structured environments, often complex and, at the same time, extremely customised. This is why we invest a great deal in the implementations, offering clear documentation, dedicated development environments and plug-ins for the main CMS.

Online payments even in-store

Until recently, all in-store purchases were based upon two assumptions: availability of the goods in-store and payment at the cash desk. With our omnichannel solutions: Pay by Link and Advanced Amount Exchange, in-store payments become virtual (for example: payment link, QR code, etc. …)

250 alternative payment methods

We have over 250 alternative payment methods that can be integrated on the Ecommerce platform. With our omnichannel solutions, you can offer to your in-store customers the same payment methods they are used to online, to gain their loyalty and to increase the redemption of your sales. Anticipate their needs even in payments.

360° view of transactions

Using the myStore and myCommerce dashboards, you can monitor all online transactions and in-store payments both by card and in cash, paid into our Cashins. It is all just a click away, from the refund of an Ecommerce transaction to the creation of automatic transaction reports, and many other features.

Digitalise cash

With the Cashin intelligent safes, you can pay in cash that is automatically credited to your bank account in real time. Once it is installed in the Point of Sale, all you have to do is pay: we deal with everything else, from installing the machine to the individual collections, providing you with all the after-sales assistance you require.

Do you need tailored advice?

One of our advisors will support you in making the best choice for you and your business, guiding you among offers, new technologies and alternative payment methods.