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We have the best tools to help your business grow. You can choose between 250 alternative payments, a customizable checkout page and the best fraud prevention service to make your customers experience unique.

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Our solutions are designed and developed to integrate physical and online channels using flexible tools and APIs.More details
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Axerve Ecommerce Solutions
How to request Axerve Ecommerce Solutions online

How to request Axerve Ecommerce Solutions online

Axerve Ecommerce Solutions is the number one online payment gateway in Italy. There are three rate plans formulated to meet different needs:

  • Starter
    Ideal for those just beginning to sell online. To pay only the activation cost and a commission on transactions.
  • Professional
    Solution designed for Ecommerce sites with more advanced customisation needs. Costs, fees and commissions are applied according to the features chosen and vary according to transaction volumes.
  • Enterprise
    Tailor-made plan for merchants. The costs are agreed with our consultants based on the configuration.

    You can learn more about the opportunities offered by the platform and request activation directly online.
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